Project: On Rain: Crowdfunding for A Rainwater Harvesting System for Refugees on Pikpa Camp, Lesvos, Greece.

Project: On Rain: Crowdfunding for A Rainwater Harvesting System for Refugees on Pikpa Camp, Lesvos, Greece.

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Project : 'On Rain' : A Collaboration of The Worldwide Tribe & RainStations Foundation.

Both The Worldwide Tribe and RainStations have visited the Pikpa Refugee camp on Lesvos in Greece and wish to support the camp in enabling a RainWater Harvesting System to be installed on the site. We are hoping to raise awareness of the plight of the refugees there together with the water situation on the camp, through this Crowdfunding page and an Exhibition in London.

Message from Pikpa:

Working together to maintain our garden is an important part of daily life at PIKPA. Gardening provides a vehicle of cultural and educational sharing as well as a feeling of dignity, control and family life for our residents. The opportunity to plant, grow and harvest vegetables or herbs as well as work together have enabled us to either engage residents existing skills, build new ones or provide a level of psycho-social support and integration.

• At PIKPA we aim to use only locally produced goods, using for instance olive oil and dairy products produced by local cooperatives and vegetables produced by local farmers. Having our own produce for our kitchen to use for our daily meal helps us towards this commitment.

• The garden has been part of daily life at PIKPA, this includes part of the children's daily activities.

• PIKPA provide all the necessary materials, tools and equipment for our community to use to maintain the garden.

We would like to reduce our environmental impact and save water wherever we can. Recently, a long term volunteer built a tippy tap system using recycled materials for children to use to wash their hands. Our hope is to collect rainwater in an easy, efficient and innovative way to enable us to ecologically irrigate the garden and for our non-drinking water wash stations.

A Private Local Contractor will install the water collecting system. The location will be 2-3 roof tops (on our main buildings - the Kitchen, Toilet/ Shower and Reception)

There will be a pipe system running to two points where we can then use the water (either using a tap system or a hose).

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We are aiming to contribute as much as we can towards the £25k needed for this project. Any donations you are able to support us with would be very gratefully received!

This is what we will do with the funds:

1. If we reach our target in 3 months, we will donate the raised amount to the Pikpa camp necessary for their project and stop the Campaign.

2. If we do not reach our target in 3 months we will extend our Campaign in increments up to 12 months. If again we do not raise the full amount we will donate the funds received to the Pikpa Camp to use to improve their water management on the site.

3. If by a miracle we exceed the target in 3 months, then we will donate the full amount needed for the Pikpa Camp project then divide the remainder to be shared equally between RainStations Foundation and The Worldwide Tribe to use to further their charitable projects.


RainStations and The Worldwide Tribe come together to highlight the plight and raise awareness of the Refugees and the water situation on Lesvos, Pikpa Camp collaborating with Artists whose work focuses on Rain to create an Exhibition of Photographs and a Video installation. 

“On Rain” opens soon in London please see our websites for details!

We would love to thank a list of wonderful creative collaborators and supporters!

24 Amazing Photographers are already supporting this project by donating their work to be gifted as part of this fundraising campaign. When we reach set targets we will select at random a name from the donors and they will receive a beautiful hand printed Salt print, created and furthermore donated, by Vimpt.

First Target set: £1000 (Hey! Early birds will get more chances of winning a print!)

We are enormously grateful to all those who have Collaborated on the Project so far!



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